Airfield Information

Position  5nm SSE Bath  Lat/Long 51:18.6 N   002:18.6 W  Elevation: 400ft amsl.
We are just off the SE corner of the Bristol CTA.  Bristol Listening Squawk 5077 Bristol Radar 125.65
Listed on SkyDemon as Brown Shutters Farm
Radio  Safetycom 135.475 Make standard calls.

07/25  Grass  420m x 20m
  Displaced threshold on 25 (LDA 310m)
15/33  Grass  470m x 16m  Displaced threshold on 33 (LDA 360m)
Displaced thresholds are marked by yellow cones and all runways have signs showing 150m to the boundary.

Operational procedures

Short grass strip experience on type of aircraft to be flown into BSF of at least 100 hours P1. PPR will only be granted for suitable aircraft.
A  suitable aircraft, i.e. one whose take-off and landing performance, including ground roll, are adequate for the airfield; approach speed on short finals should not exceed 65kts.
For noise abatement reasons, max power of 180HP and a fixed pitch propellor.
PPR is mandatory using online form, and by phone if within 24 hours.
Brown Shutters farm is a challenging airfield so please note the cautions in red!
All movements must be recorded in the log.
The landing fee of £5 provides tea and biscuits and includes a 50% donation to the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance.
Overnight parking fee £5

Circuits  are at 800 ft QFE
07LH/25RH All circuits to north, avoiding Wick Farm shown in red.
33RH/15LH  Wide circuits to east, avoiding Wick Farm and Farleigh Hungerford.

Arrival  Visiting pilots should monitor Safetycom enroute and listen for other traffic. Join overhead 1500ft QFE  (1900 QNH). Observe windsocks and make a choice of runway. Make appropriate calls on Safetycom 135.475. Make standard calls with reference to runway in use. Always start your radio call with “Brown Shutters Farm Traffic”.


Accuracy of this data cannot be guaranteed; pilots and their passengers operate at their own risk.
Short runways need skill and suitable aircraft. Note in particular the LDAs on 25 and 33.
Beware power cables at thresholds of 15 and 33 and up-slopes on first 100m. Use displaced thresholds (marked with cones).
Beware trees on finals for 07 and  15.
When lining up on 15 and 25 note that vehicles may be hidden beyond humps. Be vigilant.
Beware track across 25 at the intersection. Quite bumpy so cross slowly.  But don’t land beyond track or you’ll run out of runway!
Beware vehicles on track when using 25 or 07 as drivers may forget to stop.
Beware marked helipads as rotary traffic now increasing. This should be on Safetycom, but…

Noise Abatement:
Local residents are already sensitive to aircraft noise from RAF Colerne so please
follow the noise abatement procedures and help us to stay on good terms with our neighbours.
Inbound traffic to avoid overflying local properties so far as possible.
Please avoid Norton St Philip and Farleigh Hungerford, particularly on departure.
When departing 25 turn onto 30 as soon as safely airborne.
When departing 07 turn left or right when safely airborne, but avoiding Wick Farm.
When landing on 25 make curved approach to avoid Farleigh Hungerford.
For noise abatement purposes helicopters are not permitted except in emergencies.
No multiple circuits at any time.

Aerial view of Brown Shutters Farm Airfield
Map of Brown Shutters Farm Airfield showing noise abatement areas